Malting Barley

The North East is a prime barley producing region. The light soils, near to the coast produce high yielding crops of barley low in protien and with the potential to be ideally suited for use in the brewing and distilling sectors. With this in mind, Loughran’s Stores offers growers the opportunity to produce this premium crop for use by Boortmalt Ireland.


Teagasc research shows that spring sown malting barley is a more profitable crop than barley grown for feed, if some additional  crop husbandry steps are taken including, early sowing, adjusting seeding rate to achieve the target plant population and adjusting nitrogen applications  to take into account soil supplied nitrogen and to best meet the crops needs.  

In the past, it was thought that the best way to achieve the low proteins required for malting was through sacrificing yield.  With modern varieties and new research this is no longer the case, and we now know that the best way to achieve the required protien levels is through high yields.

Loughrans Stores proudly pays our growers a significant premium for supplying malting barley which meets the specifications and is eager to hear from new and existing growers who may have an interest in growing this high preforming crop.  
Our independent specialist advisor can provide agronomy support as needed and can help with field selection, crop nutrition planning and other decisions to ensure you get the best results in terms of both yield and quality.

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