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Today’s farming world is becoming increasingly regulated. An ever greater number of valuable pesticides are being discontinued or prohibited, while the development of new chemistry is slowing. New EU legislation is calling for an even greater reduction in pesticide use.

These changes mean that our existing portfolio of active ingredients needs to be managed and used with maximum effectiveness.  This involves carefully selecting the correct chemistry and active ingredients for your particular problem at the correct time. 
Good weed control is particularly important in highly productive grassland farms where animal  performance is of paramount importance.  The timely and effective removal of weeds which out-compete rye grass delivers a fast and  excellent return on investment.  

We can offer to:
Control or weeds, fungal diseases and other pests is equally crucial in the production of combinable crops.  In order to produce the high quality grain needed for our the end users of our grains, Loughran Stores works with its grain growing customers to help them select the most appropriate Agro Chemical product at the right time. 
Our independent specialist advisor can help with your particular requirements and create a solution that works for your farm,  in cereals, pulses, oilseeds and grassland. CONTACT US today!
Loughrans Stores searches out the very best value in in Agro Chemicals from suppliers across Ireland ensuring customers have access to generic equivalents, as well as leading brands at cost effective prices.

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