Lifestock Feeds

Loughrans Stores provide our valued farming customers with a broad range of high quality feeds proven to deliver better animal performance.

 We know that for barley, wheat or oats to roll properly, and to feed well, the  correct moisture content, KPH, Protien content and 1,000 grain weight are crucial. Thats why, during harvest, the grains that best meet these parameters are selected from our larger grain intake and stored in temperature controlled conditions to minimise mycotoxins and preserve feeding quality. Our grains are rolled fresh, to order, and thoroughly to ensure maximum digestibility and shelf life.
To enhance the feeding characteristics of these grains we offer our customers an Alka Grain solution. This treatment increases the pH of the grain, allowing higher quantities to be fed to ruminants with less risk of acidosis , while also increasing the protein content by 30%, reducing the need for other high cost sources of  protein. Alka Grain treated barley and wheat are available year round and specialist advice on how to get the best from these ingredients is freely available

We also understand that other sources of energy, fibre and protien as well as minerals are vital for healthy animal performance.  To that end we offer our customers a range of selected high quality ingredients, chosen for the ability to deliver what’s best for the animal.  This includes:
Maize / Milled Maize: Maize is a great source of energy in a diet but needs to be properly managed to avoid the risk of acidosis.   Best performance comes when maize is milled, and at Loughran Stores we achieve this through a finely calibrated hammer  mill producing a very fine particle size, ensuring maximum digestion 

Soya Hulls: An excellent source of digestible fibre

Soya Meal: The best source of digestible Protien, Loughran’s Stores  Soya Meal is always at least 44% Protien 

Other straights available upon request include: 
Loughrans Stores partners with Kiernan milling to provide our customers with the very best coarse rations, or nuts for cattle, dairy, or sheep. Available in bulk, 1t big bags or 25kg bags, we can ensure that you always have the exact feed type you need when you need it.  
Loughran Stores partners with Promini Cargill to provide our customers with the most effective and efficient range of  minerals and supplements to ensure your animals fulfill their potential and are always performance at peak levels 
Specialist nutritional advice on all how to use nutrition to improve animal performance is freely available to all Loughrans Stores customers.  This can be done remotely or via an on farm visit.  Our independent specialist advisor can help with any problem or query you may have. CONTACT US today 

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